• Sundaram Architects Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most reputed and largest multi-faceted Architectural, Interiors and Engineering consultancy firms in India.
  • The firm was originally established in 1963 as Karekar and Sundaram and was re-constituted in 1988 as Sundaram Architects Pvt Ltd (SAPL). R. Sundaram, Chairman and Managing director of SAPL is a pioneer, responsible for creating several architectural and engineering landmarks in the country. The firm has been growing constantly, gaining strength, and attaining an undisputed leadership position today and has a strong management team with extensive experience spanning several decades.
  • The firm has a large team housed in our own office of over 20,000 sq ft with state of the art infrastructure facilities in Bangalore. The firm offers integrated Architectural, Engineering and Project management services under one roof at the same location.
  • The firm has won several awards for outstanding designs and innovation in both Architecture & Engineering and has demonstrated expertise in delivering over 400 large & complex projects in India, Dubai, West Indies & Malaysia and has worked with large Indian & Multinational corporate brands.