• We do not have a set signature style ( look & feel ) of our building designs. We try to achieve our client's goals and needs based on other factual information & relevant site related information and believe that quality at a fair price is better than mediocrity at a lower price.
  • Today's architecture & engineering is characterized by unusual complexity: rigorous regulatory contexts, demanding schedules and budgets, the contradictory desires for design to both express a unique identity as well as achieve standardization, and the growing emperative for more sustainable buildings.
  • Our architects, interior designers & engineers strive for a balance between design and technology, form and function, aesthetics and poetry, goals and needs. Problem solvers by nature, we listen to our clients concerns, understand their goals, and then craft project teams whose collaborative approach can best fulfill their aspirations.
  • We work on projects of multiple scales and type, and from locations all over India & selected projects outside India, drawing additional expertise as needed from the wide array of SAPL's specialists who share our common purpose of enhancing and sustaining the world's built, natural and social environments.